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The Perfect Enemy

...ain't born typical...

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Marina, 20.

Student of Faculty of Marketing and Advertising with all the consequences in the form of chaotic thinking, forgetfulness and frightening thoughts.

Reading Trout, worshiping Rudelius, exploring the boundaries of reality universe with the help of alcohol, complaining a lot and loving the cats.
Kyiv in the summer and Prague in the winter, young wines, high heels, coffee, spices, cats, medical reference books, my bed at the cottage house, mint candies, waking up at noon, make photos, Italian cuisine.
Onions and pilau, when I'm lied in the face, the rain, annoying people, Kiyv in November, Egypt, when there is no ice cream at home, waking up early, Moscow and Moscow citizen, books about anything,cafes in the city centers, ride in a taxi, poems.

Social capital

  • less than 10